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Connect Check

     Select Check is an on-line marketing tool designed as a quick and efficient way to put new credit accounts on the books. This product is ideal for pre-approval of bankcards, retail cards, unsecured lines, auto loans, and installment loans. Select Check pre-approves consumers who come into a branch of a financial institution for any type of transaction. For example, a bank customer who is applying for a savings account is a prime target for a credit card solicitation because he/she is already seeking a banking relationship. Since a savings account application does not typically warrant a credit check, Select Check will allow you to identify if this consumer meets your credit requirements to extend an offer of credit while you complete the original transaction. The customer service representative simply inputs the consumer's name and address to check if he/she matches your pre-defined credit criteria. If the consumer passes the screen, an offer is made for a credit product. Since the screening process takes place during the initial transaction and is unknown to the consumer, nothing has to be said if he/she does not pass the screen. The output is customized to tier product limits based on score thresholds and criteria levels.
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  “RENT RIGHT” The Quick and Easy Way for screening and pre-qualifying your prospective tenants. Our Tenant Screening Services is designed to fully screen and qualify your prospective tenants, in addition to saving you time, money and headaches. CBA LV can offer you the TENANT SCREENING SERVICE in three types of packages: RENT RIGHT Basic, RENT RIGHT Premium and RENT RIGHT Platinum. more...